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This method works

This method works. I’ve been using the method almost everyday for 3 months. I was very lucky and saw the new baby hairs starting the emerge after only one month. I can’t explain the feeling you get when you see that. It’s been extremely hard for me losing my hair because I’m very young and my hair has always been a big part of my identity. When my hair started getting thin I became much much worse looking. As a young man in my early twenties it was pretty devestating to start looking unhealthy and ugly. When you start losing your hair at such a young age I think people presume there’s something wrong with you. Like you’ve got cancer or something.

So you can imagine when I saw that my hair was starting to get thicker so soon after starting the method I felt like a million bucks. My confidence is coming back, I have a spring in my step when I leave the house. I feel confident talking to people when there’s a strong light above my head.

Every week I give me scalp a good inspection and every week I feel better. I get a real buzz out of seeing more new hairs.

I don’t want to post my pictures up online because I’m too embarressed and I’m not using my real name in this review but I wanted you all to know you don’t have to suffer like I did. 3 months has passed and I estimate that I must have grown about 1500 new hairs. I base this on my count of roughly 50 new hairs at the top of my forehead in an area about 1 inch. Multiply that by about 30 square inches on the top of my head and you get 1500 new hairs as a rough estimate.

There’s a better way of counting the number of hairs somewhere in the instructions, but I can’t find it.

Anyway I’m pretty happy with roughly 1500 new hairs in 3 months. Even if it was just 500 I’d be pretty happy! I’d of been happy with anything 3 months ago. Now my aim is to get 3000 more new hairs by Christmas time. I think its possible.

Toby White

Great experience

I know a lot about hair loss. I’ve been trying to stop my hair loss for over 10 years with varying degrees of success. I’ve tried just about every treatment you can try. I’ve done LLLT. I used high strength minoxidil for several years. That seemed to really help at first but then like everything else I’ve tried, results diminished pretty quickly.

I used Propecia for a few years. I really thought that would do something, but it didn’t really do much for me.

I’ve also tried a tonne of alternative treatments like supplements, chemicals, etc. Same story. Limited success.

So, onto this method that I stumbled upon roughly a year and a half ago…

I read it and I was impressed. Every instruction is backed up with scientific proof. It’s pretty good.

As far as results go I’ve had better hair regrowth using this method than I’ve had with any other treatments I’ve used. That said, I haven’t seen the kind of hair regrowth some of the other members have seen. I’m a little older than those guys though so I expect it to be a little harder for me.

The guys who put the program together have clearly put a lot of effort into it. It’s not some cheap eBook that just rewrites stuff off the net. It’s serious stuff. I won’t go so far to say this method is genius but it’s not far off.

It’s really not like anything I’ve seen in the forums and I’ve been following the forums for two years. In the back of my mind I didn’t think I’d learn anything new from this. But I was wrong, this really is worth a read.

Scott Reynolds

More people should know about this stuff

My experience of Advanced Hair Research was very pleasant. At first something went wrong with my order confirmation email (I didn’t receive it). But Chris emailed me within a few hours of making my order to tell me my Paypal email address was not working and my order confirmation email had bounced back, so he sent me a very nice email introducing me to the method personally!

I was in a fairly desperate situation with my hair. It was getting thinner and thinner every day and making me feel like an old man. I didn’t know whether there was something wrong with me, like if I had a medical condition I didn’t know about or something.

So I bought the Advanced Hair Research method with the hope that it would help fix whatever was wrong with me. My brothers are both older than me and they are not losing their hair particularly.

I was quite shocked at how sophisticated this method is. It’s really something. I think this is exactly what I needed. I was in a really bad state before I started the method. I looked unhealthy, I didn’t sleep particularly well and I felt stressed a lot.

Basically my hormones were out of balance. Too much of the wrong hormones (stress hormones and androgen hormones) and not enough of the good hormones that make you feel good, focused and energetic. This is exactly what I needed to get my hormonal balance and my mind back to healthy.

I had to post this review because this method really has changed my life. Not just a little bit but a lot. Not only is my hair now growing back but I also feel right. Before I always felt somehow wrong. Like I was slightly ill or tired or anxious. Now I feel amazing every day. I have amazing energy. I feel good in the morning. I feel positive. And I think these things are really important. If you fix the underlying problems in your body things like hair loss and skin problems heal themselves. That’s what seems to have happened to me.

When I get time I’ll post my before and after pictures to advancedhairresearch.com.

It’s been an experience that I’m glad I went through. I’ve found out more about myself. I found out I can be anything I want to be if I have the confidence and I don’t let things get me down. You have to be positive, sleep well and feel healthy if you want to be healthy. I think hair loss is a symptom of bad health. And I’m glad my hair loss has completely stopped and that my hair is growing back but I’m even more glad that I’ve fixed my unbalanced body and I can live the way I know I was supposed to live.

I want to say thanks Chris. It really means a lot to me what you’ve done. More people should know about this stuff. I had no idea. I feel very lucky that I found your website.

Sean Thomas

I always thought I had no hope of…

I always thought I had no hope of having hair in my thirties because my dad has been as bald as an egg since I can remember. I didn’t think there was any chance of keeping my hair. I got a receding hairline by about age 24 and I started noticing a bald spot in my crown a few years later. In my late twenties my hair started to fall out fast. By the age of thirty I started looking like my Dad and that’s really what shocked me into doing something about it. I’m too young to be bald! No way am I going to look like an old man. Only problem is, there there are so many god damn scams out there. Everything seems to be a total scam. Even doctors and hair loss clinics are god damn scammers. I went to a hair loss clinic to get a hair transplant. The guy, who I thought was a doctor (turned out to be a scummy salesman) told me I couldn’t have a hair transplant because I would experience shock loss and lose more hair than I’d grow! A much better idea would be to do a more expensive long term treatment of laser therapy, which he made sound like a miracle cure. What a load of crap. What a god dam scammer. I should’ve seen it coming. I spent thousands on that scam artists crap and none of it did a thing. And now the clinic is closed down. What a scammer.

Well, after giving up on that, and after researching on the internet a few nights a week to find a treatment, I found Chris’ site.

This is what I want to say to anyone reading this. Don’t buy any of that crap from scam artists who sell you laser treatments, drugs that ruin your sex drive, minoxidol that does CRAP ALL.

Buy something from someone who knows what they’re doing. Someone who has actually done it. Someone who has something that actually works. That’s based on proven science.

What drew me to Chris’ method is that he doesn’t advertise it as some miracle cure like other people do. He just said it like it was. I emailed him a few times before I bought the program. No sales crap. No trying to make me buy his program. It was like he didn’t even want my money lol He just gave me honest advice and showed me some of the pictures of people who had used his method. I wasn’t too sure about it at first but I gave it a try.

After I bought it I thought maybe I’d been a sucker again. But I was wrong. Check this out…

My experience

Chris, I wanna say thank you. You are not like the other hair loss companies I’ve had the misfortune of handing my money to. You really know your stuff.

A few weeks back I saw the new hairs growing bewtween the old hairs and this week I’ve seen the hairs growing in my receded hair line and in my crown. My hair is getting thicker fast man. So I just had to email you this. I’ll send you my photos, please feel free to post them up on your website. Peoplew need to see your method and stop using scam artists.

Here’s my review

Chris if I could give you a thousand stars out of five I would! But I’ll give you five out of five lol. Your method is easy to follow. It doesn’t involve any rediculous medicines that ruin your sex drive or expensive treatments. It’s really good for your health :- I feel healthier, my skin is healthier. I just feel a million times better. Seriously.

My hair is nearly twice as thick now as when I started usign the method 5 months ago. And it’s real hair regrowth. Not just fluffy little hairs. My hair is gonna be full thickness within a year I reckon. Check out my photos!!!

Sorry about the massive essay of text man! Let me know if you want me to post this anywhere else. I’ll gladly do it. You are the best my man 🙂 You are the best.

John McCrystal