Anxiety gone. Hair Regrowing.

This thing is the real deal guys. I’ve been on the program since it first started. I was one of Chrises first Guinea pigs from the 1000 testers. If I had the foresight back then I wish I’d thought to have invested in chrises product. If it was possible to put the program into a single product I’ve no doubt it would be more popular than Rogaine one day but that’s impossible unfortunately. It’s quite a complicated method with quite a lot of different parts. That’s the main downside I guess but the upside is if you follow it every day there’s no real way of losing. I think one member (who got amazing results) said if you follow the instructions every day there’s no way you won’t regrow your hair and he’s right because the method covers every possible reason for hair loss, if you didn’t regrow your hair you either must have had a rare condition or you didn’t follow the method right. Everyone I know who followed it right got some regrowth. Some more than others but everyone got some. Mine was one of the best out of all the people I talked to, but I was young at 29 when I started and 33 now, yep time flys. Chris emailed to ask if I’d post a review so here goes…

All through my twenties I suffered from really bad social anxiety. Although I was quite healthy, ate healthy exercised, my hair just dropped out like there was no tomorrow. I was getting close to being bald by my late twenties. Chrises method covered every possible cause of my hair loss, the anxiety, the nutrient deficiencies resulting from the elevated stress hormones, the elevated DHT resulting from the elevated stress hormones. The poor scalp condition. The fibrosis. It covers everything. I started out the method in the worst possible situation and after just under a year my hair was revitalized beyond compare. It’s been a few years now and my hair is still growing, it’s slow but it’s the right direction and the change it’s made to my anxiety is just incredible. I feel 1000 times better. The hormone balancing and stress reduction have pretty much changed my life, so I want to thank you Chris. Thank you, you don’t know the difference you’ve made to my life!

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