This is the future of the hair loss industry.

I was only 21 when I noticed my hair was falling out more than usual. I saw the front of my hair had receded in V shape and the top along the the center of my hair was thinner than when I was younger by about 1/2.

I used a whole load of hair loss treatments including Fabao topicals, Kirkland Minoxidil, Spectral topicals, Propecia, Nourkrin, MagniGro and even some eBooks I downloaded from the internet. I need to make something clear to anyone reading this. I’m 27 now. I’ve tried pretty much every hair loss treatment that you can get and I don’t understand what is going on in the hair loss industry today. Why are there so many treatments available today that seem to really do nothing? I seem to have tried them all so I guess I’m pretty qualified to tell you none of these treatments seem to work. Hey maybe they work for some lucky people? Not for me though.

I continued my search for a treatment for 6 years until one day I came across some research from a guy called Chris Carter who wrote an article online about hair loss and it really rang true with my experience. And that is that taking a supplement or using a lotion will never stop your hair loss. And that the closest thing toa treatment that works is Propecia (a prescrption drug). And what does Propecia do? It changes your hormonal balance. So for the first time I realized what I think should have been obvious to me all along, that there’s a powerful underlying cause of hair loss and it’s not something that an off the shelf treatment is going to have any effect on. The reason all the reviews of Chris Carter’s method are so good is because it does something that no off the shel treatmenmt can do, it treats the underlying hormonal imbalance that sets in motion a snowball effect of problems in your body that essentially leads to fibrosis in your scalp, which ultimately is what causes hair loss.

So it seems like the best way to actually treat it is to firstly fix the underlying hormonal imbalance and then systemmatically eliminate each of the knock-on effects that result from that root cause – the excess sebum, the fibrosis, etc.

I really think there needs to be a change in the hair loss industry. Why is that products like Fabao 101 and Nourkrin get masses of attention, yet they seem to get zero results? Not some results. No results at all. Yet there’s this guy Chris Carter who’s made a method that’s geting only positive reviews (and the reviews that are published must account for a small percentage of overall feedback), and this method seems to get no attention? Chris you need to find some marketing guru to help you, otherwise some big business is going to steel this from you I guarantee it. This method is unlike any other hair loss treatment.

People, please stop wasting your money on over the counter products.

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