My hair is much thicker

Glad to hear you’ve got reviews set up at last Chris! I’ve wanted to post one for a while.

First of all I want to say thank you. It took me some time but at last I am seeing the new hairs on my scalp. It’s been something like 8 months I would say. And I noticed straight away that my hair loss had at least slowed down but I didn’t see too much else for months and months. I was starting to think it might not work. I contacted Chris and he was quite slow to reply but eventually hey he does exist! Just joking Chris I know he will read this! Chris gave me a few pointers, which was very helpful. I wasn’t doing the scalp exfoliation at all so I started doing that 4 times a day to kind of catch up a bit. Then maybe 6 weeks later I saw a hair in my receding hair line and I thought, what is this? I hav enever seen this hair before! Where did it come from? I was laughing to myself in the mirror. It was very strange because it is about 1cm away from my receded hairline. After a couple more weeks I saw two more of these small hairs (both on the same side of my head strangely). Probably around a month later I saw one one the other side and then I looked very closely at the front of my scalp and I noticed there were absolutely hundreds of them in between my hairs! I thought my hair was looking better. Like it was easier to make it look good when I waxed it in the morning but I had not realised that the method had started working. It’s been about 8 months now and I am very happy. I did not really think something like this would work.

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