My hair is visibly thicker..

I used their method for around 6 months. I’m actually stunned by how well it’s worked. My hair wasn’t super thin before I started but it was thin for my age and it bothered me. It was bothering me more and more. Every time I washed the wax out of my hair I’d see like 20 hairs, which scared me every time, making me think I’d go completely bald in a few years.

I was fairly strict and stuck to the regime well, drinking the smoothies every morning and completing the scalp reset carefully. I did the exfoliation every day and the alternation method 3 times a week. I cheated on a few things but mostly I stuck to the guidelines.

Within 3 months my hair was almost back to how it was when I was a teenager. And I’m not exaggerating. I checked out my photos on Facebook and in my latest ones from the last few weeks I look younger than I did 10 years ago! And it’s all down to my hair. I used to have to style my hair over to the side to hide how thin it was and now I can style it spiky again like I used to when I was younger and I look like 10 years younger. It’s incredible the difference thick hair makes.

I’m continuing to use the method even though my hair is almost back to full thickness. I want to get it as healthy as possible. And following this regime has made my skin a lot healthier. I don’t get any spots now (I used to also suffer from some mild adult acne). I would definitely recommend it. It’s worked for me.

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