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When I was asked to test and review the Advanced Hair Research method a year ago I had several doubts about its legitimacy. A year later, my doubts have been completely eradicated. So much so in fact that I am more than happy to sing the deserved praises of this method.

The creator, Chris Carter, deserves great respect for single-handedly developing a system so effective and yet so simple to follow. His method is quite simply extraordinary.

I consider myself to be a critical thinking, perhaps even cynical man and the notion that a programme like this could have such an impact on my life was wholly unexpected.

The method, in essence, restores the scalp to the condition it was in before hair loss began so that no further hair loss occurs.

From what I gather, hair loss is caused by an androgen hormone called DHT. DHT causes hairs to miniaturize over several years until they become dormant. In other words, they no longer grow.

This method essentially sends a chemical message to the dormant hairs, telling them to regenerate into full-size hairs. It seems that hormones are both the cause of hair loss and the reason for hair growth and therefore having the right hormones in your scalp is the basis of this method and by the looks of it, it works incredibly well.

After following the programme for a month I started noticing small blonde hairs cropping up sporadically around my scalp. Within one more month there were at least 100 of these newly reactivated hairs appearing in various positions around my scalp. Whether my experience is typical, I can’t say but judging by the reviews it seems my experience is reasonably standard.

For these reasons and much more I highly recommend this method.

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