How it Works

Think about this carefully…

Because in 20 seconds I’m going to show you a new discovery that will alter the direction of your life forever.

Fact 1: When you were younger your hair grew fast.

Fact 2: Now, your hair grows slowly or might even be getting thinner.

In science, everything happens for a logical reason. It’s called cause and effect.

Everything has a cause.

For your hair to have started getting unhealthy, something in your body must have changed.

In fact, a damaging change has occurred in your body. And it’s causing a condition to develop in your scalp that’s killing your hair.

But the root cause of this problem is doing more than just killing your hair. It’s making your life much worse than it could be.

Reversing this change is the key to making hair grow fast and thick. And it’s the key to making yourself the best that you can be.

It’s the basis of a breakthrough hair regrowth method that’s changing the hair loss industry…

The condition that’s developing in your scalp is like a ‘barrier to hair growth’, which causes the hairs to grow smaller and smaller (or miniaturize) over several years, until they become tiny, ‘dormant’ hairs (or vellus hairs). At first it slows down hair growth. Then the hair becomes dry and brittle. Then the hair becomes thinner.

But what if you could remove this barrier and reverse the change so your hair started growing rapidly, thick, healthy and shiny?

What if you could make your scalp exactly like the scalps of people whose hair grows perfectly thick, shiny and fast?

I’m not talking about a future treatment.

This is already possible. And new science has recently made possible for everyone.

New research from the Division of Molecular Neurobiology at the University of Cincinnati has shown there’s a clear difference between the biologies of people who whose hair grows slowly and and those of people whose hair grows fast and thick

And fixing your hormonal balance and scalp so they’re like people who naturally have perfect hair and healthy, radiant skin is the key to triggering significant hair growth — in just about anyone.

This discovery is enabling people from all over the world to make their hair grow faster and thicker using a simple method that can be performed at home.

The new breakthrough method takes just a few minutes per day to perform.

Here’s how it works…

A groundbreaking hair loss study has shown a clear link between stress, workplace environments and a hormone called DHT, which is the cause of 99% of hair loss in men and women of all ages.

Cortisol is in essence, a stress hormone. … When we have high levels of cortisol coursing through the body this leads to an increase in adrenaline, testosterone and in particular, a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone or DHT
Dr Seymour Weaver

In other words, your hormones are gradually destroying your hair.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Several major hair studies have shown that the common hormonal change that causes hair to become dry and grow slowly, causes the IGF-1 hormone in the scalp to decrease significantly.

This recently published study lends credence to the prior studies on hair growth stimulation and cutaneous IGF-1, by conclusively demonstrating that Dihydrotestosterone, (DHT) inhibits hair growth by inhibiting IGF-1 production in dermal papillae.

The hormonal change also causes inflammation, which leads to ‘micro-scarring’ in the scalp.

Unfortunately, once this condition has developed in your scalp, your hair can never grow healthily, like it did when you were younger.

That is until recently, when new research enabled scientists to develop a breakthrough, which fixes the hormonal balance in the scalp and heals the tissue — in essence, restoring the scalp to its once youthful state. A state that naturally and abundantly grows hair.

The new breakthrough method provokes hair growth using a remarkable new scientific discovery.

It gradually changes the hormone balance in the scalp.

It turns down the hormones that kill hair and turns up the hormone that makes hair grow.

With repeated use of this method, something amazing starts to happen…

Simon Cotrell before and after hair loss

How I went from losing half my hair to watching my hair grow faster than ever before

When 32 year old Simon Cotrell started losing his hair, the individual hairs in his crown and on his temples went through a gradual process of ‘hair follicle miniaturization’.

It started in his early twenties.

It’s normal to shed around 100 hairs every day.

But when you experience hair loss, the new hairs that replace the shed ones grow slightly thinner than the previous ones (miniaturization).

The hairs shed again months or even years later and regrow smaller again.

For Simon, this process repeated for many years. In fact it was happening for years before he even noticed.

Eventually, many of his hairs had become extremely small, transparent and practically invisible. His hairline had receded, his crown had thinned and now his hair was visibly thin all over.

What I’ve just described is exactly the same process 99% of people who lose their hair go through. Men and women of all ages.

But there’s a happy ending to Simon’s story.

The miniaturized hairs were still present in Simon’s scalp. They were just ‘dormant’.

And, like Simon, the lost hairs are still present in your scalp. They’re just tiny, see-through and almost invisible. And there are thousands of these dormant hairs in your scalp waiting for the right hormonal trigger to reactivate them — making your hair thicker and healthier.

You can see them if you look very closely in a mirror in good light.

Here’s where that recent breakthrough in hair loss research I mentioned comes in…

This is the key.

No matter how thin your hair has become, you still have thousands of dormant hair follicles all over your scalp. Just like Simon. And just like almost everyone else whose hair isn’t as healthy as they want it to be.

It’s important that you reactivate these dormant hair follicles as quickly as possible in order to maximise results.

The sooner you perform the method, the faster and thicker your hair will grow.

Using our breakthrough method, we reactivated thousands of dormant hair follicles making Simon’s hair significantly thicker over a period of months.

It’s like getting the equivalent of a major hair transplant. Except no one notices a sudden change because the dormant hair reactivates gradually over a period of months.

His hair got thicker and healthier as the hormonal balance corrected and his scalp was restored to a youthful state.

So we asked more people to follow the method. Men and women of all ages. Hundreds of them. In fact nearly one thousand people signed up to receive our breakthrough hair regrowth instructions.

And the same thing happened to these people…

Staurat Bridgeman before and after hair loss

Michael Allen before and after Advanced Hair Research

David Stanley before and after Advanced Hair Research Review

Alain Pamintuan before and after hair loss

It’s a simple method that you can perform at home, on your own. It works for men and women of all ages. And there are no side effects.

How does it work?

If you’re wondering how making a hormonal change in your scalp can possibly make dormant hairs suddenly reactivate, just look at this:

A teenage boy has thousands of tiny dormant hairs all over his face. You don’t notice them because they’re tiny and transparent. But they were always there. From birth.

When he reaches puberty a hormonal change occurs and a chemical message is sent to the hairs in his face, making them activate.

Just like a teenage boy’s face, we can make the same thing happen in your scalp, by switching the hormonal balance and ‘telling’ the dormant hairs to reactivate.

Now, here’s the key…

The key to this method’s success (and the thing all other scientists have missed):

It’s 2017. We’ve been researching hair loss for decades. Why haven’t we released a cure yet?

Here’s why…

There are some promising treatments available today. They’re based on good science. In tests they look effective.

In fact you’ll see statistics online about treatments that claim to cure hair loss in 90% of cases and other similar claims.

But in reality they don’t work.

There’s a good reason they don’t — and in fact — cannot make your hair grow back. It’s the same reason you can’t make your hair grow faster no matter what treatments you’ve tried.

There’s a powerful barrier to hair growth developing in your scalp. It’s been developing for some time and was developing long before you even noticed.

The longer you leave it, the stronger the barrier gets.

The Hormone DHT causes inflammation, which in turn causes ‘fibrosis’.

Fibrosis is ‘micro-scarring’.

It causes your scalp skin to change. At first the hair becomes dry. Then hairs miniaturized. Eventually the scalp environment changes to one that completely prevents hair growth.

A powerful hormonal imbalance in your body is making you age faster than you should be. It’s acting as a powerful catalyst, transforming your scalp skin into that of someone much older than you.

There are no hair treatments available today that can remove the barrier that has developed in your scalp. But it is possible to remove it using the method our team has developed.

It’s crucial that you remove this barrier if you want to make your hair grow thick and healthy — and avoid letting it get drier and weaker.

This breakthrough method completely removes the barrier to hair growth by completely rejuvenating your scalp, returning it to the youthful state it was once in.

We’re going to provoke your scalp to heal itself using three advanced techniques:

  1. Using a Dermaroller and a powerful hair growth tonic, which you can make at home, we’re going to force your scalp to heal itself, repairing the damage caused by your unbalanced hormones
  2. Using a natural acid found in apples we’re going to break down the micro scarring in your scalp forcing your scalp to heal and revert back to a healthy state — the state it was in before the hair loss began
  3. Using a simple technique we’re going to increase IGF-1 in your scalp so that when it heals, it doesn’t just develop new skin cells, it develops new hair matrix cells

This method is simple to perform on your own at home. It’s completely safe and will cause no damage to your scalp. There will be no visible marks. It’s extremely good for your scalp. And it’s vital if you want to save your hair.

To start using the method, you’ll need a Dermaroller type device. These can be purchased online for around $10.

Next you need to download the method instructions linked below this article.

So, let’s get started…