I would recommend them without doubt

I’m really surprised by the Advanced Hair Research Method. It’s genuinely a very intelligent and sophisticated means of reversing hair loss. Since hair growth is controlled by hormones, by making the hormone levels in the scalp more like those in a youthful, healthy scalp, it’s logical that hair should begin to grow again. In simple terms, according to the literature, scalp hair stops growing when subjected to the androgen hormone DHT. Whereas face and body hair ‘activates’ to become thicker and longer when subjected to DHT. The author, Chris Carter, has simply taken the action that causes face and body hair growth in men and used it on the scalp to cause dormant hair follicles to reactivate. However, dormant scalp hair follicles require different hormonal triggers to reactivate.

The programme leads the user through a process of gradually improving the hormonal balance in the scalp until it resembles that of a youthful, healthy scalp. Then, by a system of mildly damaging the scalp using a Dermaroller and then introducing increased IGF-1 (a growth factor), the dormant hair follicles begin to reactivate, just like the dormant hairs on a teenage boys face activate when he goes into puberty. The logic of the method is undeniably well thought through.

My hair regrowth

I suffer from standard male pattern baldness. Only 12 months ago I had a clearly visible bald patch in the crown of my hair. Over the course of 12 months new hairs began to grow in the bald patch. Now the crown of my hair is once again filled with hair. It is not yet at full thickness but compared with 12 months ago the difference is more than impressive. In fact, impressive is the word I’d use to describe Carter’s method in every way. It is without a doubt something I would recommend to anyone suffering from male patern baldness. The logic is sound, the method is simple to follow, it’s very cheap and it’s decidedly more effective than any other treatment I have tried.

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