This is why I think its so effective

The AHR method is outstanding. I think I understand exactly how it works. Essentially, it’s all to do your cortisol and testosterone balance. For me high stress levels and high testosterone levels were what caused my hair to fall out so fast in my ;late twenties, I’m sure of it.

I think the reason this method is so effective is because it reduces your cortisol so much. When you combine cortoisol with testosterone you get DHT, so it stands to reason that lowering your cortisol would prevent hair loss.

What I think happens is you do the alternation method before bed, then you use the bin-aural beats. The alternation method increases IGF1, vitamin D, ECGC and antioxidants so much that causes the hormonal communication to your hair to change, so the hormones tell your hair to reactivate — just like in the example of a teenage boys face when his hormones change and they tell his dormant face hair to activate into larger darker hairs.

Because you increase the blood flow to your hair so much while your asleep and your blood contains all the hair growth nutrients it feeds the activating hairs until they are strong enough to start growing again on their own.

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