How your daily habits are KILLING your hair: and THE AMAZING, SIMPLE FIX

Your hair is being rapidly killed by a common hormone called DHT.

But did you know that high ‘cortisol’ hormone is what causes elevated DHT?

Cortisol is a powerful stress hormone. And when you have high testosterone and high cortisol your body produces high levels of DHT, which makes its way to your scalp, binds to the follicles and gradually ‘kills’ them.

But just look at this…

Without realizing it, you’re daily habits are killing your hair

You’re also ruining your health and making your life much harder than it needs to be. And it’s all because of a minor hormonal imbalance, that you could easily fix!

Your testosterone levels are highest in the morning…

Testosterone by time of day

Cortisol graph by time of day

The morning is also when you’re most stressed: Traffic jams, sub-ways, annoying emails, etc, etc. It’s easy to get angry and stressed in the morning.

So, every morning, you have high testosterone and high cortisol levels.

In other words…

…every morning, your body becomes a hair destroying DHT factory.

Because testosterone + cortisol = DHT…

The cortisol graph you see here illustrates typical cortisol levels. However, as someone who experiences hair loss, you likely have higher than normal cortisol, or higher than normal testosterone. Or a combination of the both. For me it was both. Which is why I lost my hair so young and so rapidly.

If you have high cortisol, it’s likely that your cortisol is elevated at night. Which is very bad. It likely means your cortisol chart is consistently elevated, which has bad ramifications for your whole life. If your cortisol is consistently elevated you probably feel tired a lot during the day; you’re probably not achieving the things you want to achieve in life due to low drive — and it means DHT is building up in your scalp day by day, gradually destroying your hair.

Cortisol is in essence, a stress hormone. … When we have high levels of cortisol coursing through the body this leads to an increase in adrenaline, testosterone and in particular, a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone or DHT
Dr Seymour Weaver

You’re killing your hair, just by being you!

Through no fault of your own, you’re literally killing your hair every single day. You couldn’t be making your hair any worse if you tried. In fact it’s a wonder you have any hair left at all.

I’m serious. The way you’re living right now is quite simply the worst way to live if you want to keep your hair.

An elegant and powerful solution to this problem…

It’s frustrating for me to see so many people who have adopted lifestyle habits that are so destructive to their health and their hair. Especially when it’s so incredibly easy to fix this simple problem.

All you have to do is get your cortisol levels down as low as possible at night time.

That’s it. By doing so, you’ll sleep more deeply, meaning your body will regenerate more effectively while you sleep. Your brain function will improve. Your stress levels will reduce dramatically. Your focus will improve during the day. You’ll be sharper, better at your job, you’ll have more energy… …and of course your scalp won’t be filled to the brim with hair destroying DHT. You’ll also see improvements in your skin and even your long-term health — studies indicate that the stress hormone is a major contributor to serious illnesses like cancer and heart disease.

Getting your cortisol levels down, won’t just save your hair, it might just change your whole life.

This is quite simply VITAL, if you want to regrow your hair

Think about it. It’s just plain obvious when you really think about it. If you have high cortisol you sleep badly, which is bad for your health. And when you wake up and your testosterone is elevated, the combination of cortisol and testosterone turns your body into a hair destroying DHT factory.

It’s no wonder you’re losing your hair.

How to reduce your cortisol to super healthy levels while you sleep

There’s a remarkable audio program (which comes free with my download linked below), that’s designed to make your cortisol levels as low as possible when you wake. So in the morning, instead of your cortisol peaking out of control, you stay calm, focused and in total control.

The audio uses subconscious binaural rhythms, isotronic tones and subliminal messages to ‘optimise’ your mind to the most perfectly healthy, stress-free calm, deep sleep, enabling your body to maximize regeneration.

This is the key to naturally reducing your DHT to super healthy levels

And the other benefits of doing this are extraordinary.

Chris Carter in lab

Before I started using this system I was a loser working in a lab all on my own day after day for ten years on a low salary as a hair loss researcher.

I developed this system and started using it every night. Not only did my hair start growing back rapidly; my motivation increased because my testosterone levels remained high, while my cortisol and DHT levels stayed low. As a result I’m always highly focused, I sleep like a baby solidly every night and my brain works like lightening.

I was so focused I felt like I could do anything. So I started working 16 hours a day developing the program you’re about to see below. I made my website. I learnt everything there is to know about internet marketing. Soon my website was getting 200,000 visitors a month. I started selling my program on my website. 25,000 people downloaded it in the first 8 months, making $1.2 million! That’s right. Do the math.

I was in the zone. Constantly

And I still am.

Once you’re mind is constantly ‘in the zone’, the things you can achieve are incredible. There’s nothing that can stop you from being the best that you can be.

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