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I’m an African American male of 33 years of age. I lost most of my hair in my late twenties in the typical pattern baldness progression, with the V shape front and the thin crown. I became obsessed with finding a cure. Sounds strange saying that now, since I was never really that bothered about my hair for most of my life, but when you start to lose something you’ve always taken for granted it’s very frustrating. I almost felt there was an injustice that my hair was falling out prematurely. I was determined to somehow regrow my hair but nothing I did had any effect; even really expensive products seemed to have minimal effect.

This method is nothing like what I expected. It’s way ahead of it’s time. Compared to all other hair loss treatments this is way more advanced.

I saw some good endorsements for the method from some credible people online, so four months ago I paid for instant access and began using the methods.

I had never thought to do anything like these methods. It’s incredibly simple and very logical. The overall idea is to make your scalp condition the same as someone who has perfect hair – the hormones, the blood circulation, the nutrients, etc. It takes a few minutes to perform the main method and you do that twice a week before you go to sleep. While you sleep it causes your scalp to fill with hair growth nutrients.

My results so far are not at all what I expected. I thought that my hair might get a bit thicker if I was incredibly lucky; in fact what I’ve seen is hundreds and hundreds of new little hairs growing up around the edges of my receded hair line. My hairline looks as though it’s slowly regrowing. It takes time but it works. My crown area also feels a little thicker. I haven’t properly checked (it’s difficult to do so) but I’m certain there are new hairs growing in my crown area too.
The method is easy to use and very effective. If you’re used to seeing the kind of results you get from mainstream hair lsos treatments you’ll be shocked at the results you get from this method.

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