Much better than a hair transplant

Ryu befpre and after hair loss

This method is the breakthrough people are saying it is. Don’t waste your time on any other products or treatments. They can’t possibly work until you’ve completed this method. Your hair can’t grow back until you’ve healed the fibrosis in your scalp. It’s physically impossible. I completed the method a couple months back and I’m still doing parts of it daily. Once you’ve healed the fibrosis making the shininess in your scalp go away and your scalp skin looks fresh and renewed it’s just a matter of time before your hair starts going back to normal growth again.

When you complete the scalp skin reset in this method you will literally see your scalp skin return to a healthy state. My scalp was incredibly shiny, which means it was covered in fibrosis. It also means the follicles were destroyed and could never grow again on their own unless the skin was broken down and regenerated using the alternation method. Once you have reset the scalp and used the alternation method to regenerate the scalp tissue (including the follicles) the hair begins to grow back again. It’s incredible. My hair’s thicker now than it was 2 years ago. It’s still regrowing and I’ve still got a way to go but I’m on the right track thats for sure. I can see my scalp skins healed and the dormant hairs are receiving blood supply again because they’re starting to get bigger again everywhere on my scalp. First you see little blond hairs between your old hairs and along the edges of you receded hairline and then as the months pass those little blond hairs get bigger and darker as they receive more amino acids via the bloodstream. It’s an incredible method.

I’d have happily paid 100 times what I paid for the results I’ve got. I saw one fo the testimonials on the website say it’s better than a hair transplant. I completely concur. It’s much better than a hair transplant because you don’t have to go through the embarrassment of having a head covered in weird incissions for weeks! Bless you guys you’ve done a fantastic job. You deserve an award for this program.

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