How to Strip DHT From Your Scalp & Trigger Sudden New Hair Regrowth

The critically acclaimed hair regrowth method.

Before and after the Advanced Hair Research Method

All I can tell you is just buy it.

Michael, United States
Before and after the Advanced Hair Research Method

I suddenly noticed literally hundreds of new hairs that hadn’t been there before.

David, United Kingdom
Before and after using at-home hair regrowth mewthod

I believe this is the true cure for hair loss...

Alain, United Kingdom

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The 2 minute method that triggers rapid hair regrowth

DHT is the most significant cause of hair loss. What you’re about to read explains how to:

  • safely remove DHT from your scalp;
  • unblock pores in your scalp;
  • trigger your body to massively increase cell production, blood circulation and nutrient allocation in your scalp; and
  • the key element needed to safely reduce blood DHT, while also massively improving your health by changing your hormonal balance

Ever noticed how bald and balding people almost always have shiny scalps?

Ever wondered what causes it?

That shininess is actually caused by a thick, dense, embedded layer of ‘sebum’ combined with dead skin cells and other materials, such as pollution and cosmetic products. It’s also caused by fibrosis (micro-scarring), which is caused by DHT.

Sebum is the oil that secretes from your skin’s pores and helps condition your hair. However, it contains DHT.

There’s also a whole load of DHT just under your skin, flowing in your blood and binding to your dying hair follicles.

That’s the reason your hair is thinning.

It’s as simple as this: if you want to stop your hair loss you need to remove DHT from your scalp, block DHT in your body and perform a simple method that ‘resets’ your scalp, making it like it was before hair loss began — like a youthful scalp, with low DHT and high IGF-1.

It’s vital that you heal your scalp skin if you want to regrow your hair. And it is possible, with a very special technique. If you don’t heal the fibrosis and clear the pores of embedded sebum you can never regrow your hair. And these things are the reasons no hair loss treatments are very effective.

If you do nothing else to help your hair do what you’re about to learn about. Otherwise no other treatment you use will have any significant effect.

Strip DHT Away From Your Scalp

The technique I’ve developed strips away the DHT containing sebum based plaque, leaving your scalp skin renewed, fresh and free to start growing hair again. It mildly damages the scalp skin at a micro-level (you won’t see any visible damage) and as a result your body intensifies nutrient allocation to your scalp, which feeds your hair.

You can use all the hair loss treatments in the world. But if you don’t do this, their effect will be minimal. You must perform this simple at home procedure if you want to stop your hair loss and regrow your hair.

DHT removed from the scalp

Remove DHT from the scalp

The result is that your scalp starts to regrow hair that was once being restricted by DHT.

This technique can be performed at home, on your own in around twenty minutes. If you have a very shiny scalp it will take a little longer — for some people it can take up to an hour to perform the technique. It’s well worth it though. Once your scalp is transformed you’ll notice your skin is fresh and ‘baby-like’ and is the ideal environment for hair growth. Your scalp will be flowing with blood, carrying nutrients to your hair.

Cortisol: The key element to the DHT equation

What most people don’t realize that there is a link between cortisol (the stress hormone) and DHT.

Cortisol is in essence, a stress hormone. … When we have high levels of cortisol coursing through the body this leads to an increase in adrenaline, testosterone and in particular, a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone or DHT
Dr Seymour Weaver

As part of my download (below) I’ve included audio files that you can play before you go to sleep (and while you sleep if you like). These audio files run at a special frequency that gradually reduces your cortisol levels. As a result, when you wake up in the morning, your cortisol levels will be as low as possible. This is crucial because morning is when your testosterone levels are highest. Therefore, if you’re stressed in the morning (like many of us are), this is the time when your body turns into a DHT factory! The way to stop this from happening is to play my audio downloads before bed to get your cortisol levels right down.

Everyone should find out about this stuff! Now I get why so many members say it’s life changing.
Stuart, verified review on

Doing this is also extremely beneficial for other areas of your health — it will improve your sleep, which is key for healthy cell regeneration and body maintenance, as well as healthy hormonal balance. There is also research that shows highly successful people like CEOs and business owners naturally have low cortisol levels, which enables them to think clearly and stay calm under pressure.

And don’t worry if you don’t want audio on in the background, I’ve also included a silent subliminal version of the audio, which plays at a frequency you don’t consciously hear, but vibrates the ear drum none-the-less, thereby subconsciously altering your thought patterns and thus reducing cortisol.

Intensely feed your hair while you sleep

Amino acids for hair growth

So far, you’re lowering your cortisol, reducing DHT and you’re resetting your scalp skin. Next we’re going to intensely feed your hair with the perfect combination of keratin building nutrients.

Hair keratin is made almost entirely of amino acids (keratin is a protein). The most important one of which is cysteine (which is the largest component of keratin). It also contains sulfur and it requires vitamins like biotin and minerals like iron in order to grow. I’ve developed a smoothie that contains the perfect combination of amino acids and hair growth support nutrients, based on reputable research.

All you have to do is drink this smoothie mix twice per day, which makes your blood rich in hair growth nutrients. This is incredibly good for you.

You then perform a simple two minute method, which causes blood to flow to your scalp all through the night. A large volume of nutrient rich blood will flow to your scalp all through the night, intensely feeding your hair.

The final step: increase IGF-1 in your scalp

OK so here’s the clever bit. Your scalp is covered in thousands of tiny see-through dormant hair follicles. We’re going to reactivate them, turning them into full grown ‘terminal’ hairs! The result is that you will literally get thousands of new hairs growing all over the top of your scalp (everyone who uses the method experiences this).

Dr. Harada, in published research, found that hair follicles in balding areas of the scalp had significantly diminished levels of IGF-1 compared to levels in non-balding areas MPB Research

I realized that when you mildly damage the scalp skin, then increase IGF-1 in the scalp, the scalp skin begins to develop new hair matrix cells.

The more you do it, the more hair matrix cells develop in your scalp.

While I was conducting my research, more research on the damage/heal method was going on at the Division of Molecular Neurobiology and other research facilities. It concurred precisely with what I was finding.

A lab in Japan had discovered the same thing:

Dr Kenji Okajima

The growth factor is also produced in the hair follicle and promotes hair growth by proliferating keratinocytes, thereby improving alopecia. IGF-1 is decreased due to any reasons such as stress and aging, which induces hair loss. Therefore, promotion of IGF-I production by the safe method is critical for maintenance of normal hair growth and also for restoration of hair growing power in patients with alopecia. Dr. Okajima, Nagoya City University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan.

In summary

So, to summarize, we’re reducing cortisol to reduce DHT. We’re actively increasing IGF-1 using the 2 minute method. And we’re further increasing IGF-1 as a result of reducing scalp DHT. Lastly, we’re massively increasing supply of the exact nutrients needed to grow hair keratin and we’re flooding your scalp with these nutrients night after night.

Your hair literally regrows while you sleep!

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Alain Pamintuan before and after hair loss

I believe this is the true cure for hair loss…

If you want to regrow your hair you must get your scalp hormones back to how they were before you started going bald. It is the only way. I only wish I had found this system sooner. I would have cured my hair loss a long time ago.

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If you want to cure your hair loss you have to change the hormones in your scalp. You have to revert your scalp environment to be like it was when you were young. That is the genius of this system.

I recommend everyone follows this system. You will not regret it.

My hair is slowly coming back to me. I believe it will take many more months, or even years before my hair fully regrow but I know now this is the only way...

Chris I salut you. You are a true guru! Thank you my friend...

...Your system is worth more money than all the other treatments I have bought times a thousand.

Alain Pamintuan, London, United Kingdom
Trust Pilot ReviewCentre
Michael Allen before and after hair loss

The method took my hair from a Norwood 3v to a Norwood 2a in 12 months. If that's not better than any hair loss clinic, then show me that clinic!

That's about as good as it gets.

I'll use this method for the rest of my life, without a doubt. It's so good for you. I feel a thousand times better. More energy. Less stress. Better sleep. There’s no way I'm ever gonna stop using this method.

All I can tell you is just buy it.

Thanks a million Chris. You deserve a place in the history books for coming up with this. Amazing.

Michael Allen, United States
Trust Pilot ReviewCentre
Stuart Bridgeman before and after hair loss

This is to anyone out there who's seen Chris' program and hasn't started it yet.

I was a student when I started the program. I had a bad diet, I drank, smoked slept poorly. I still drink. I've quite smoking, which I wanted to do anyway.

But here's what I learned from chris' program, that I don't think you'll find anywhere else. And this is why I'm recommending it to everyone. Not just people who want to regrow their hair. Everyone should find out about this stuff! now I get why so many members say it's life changing.

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OK so first of all, everything you're doing right now in your life (sleeping, eating, exercising, relaxing, showering... everything) - you're doing it wrong. I know that sounds weird.

This program is like a health Bible. I was doing everything wrong. Once you realise all the things you're doing wrong and you make a few little tweaks to the everyday habits in your life you realise your life can be a thousand times better. I seriously can't undersell this.

The way my hair grows, the way my nails grow, the appearance of my skin, the way I feel. The way I sleep. It's all changed.

When I look back to how I was as a student I only wish I could've given myself these instructions and said to myself READ THIS. DONT DO ANYTHING ELSE UNTIL YOU READ THIS.

It's like my hormones were out of walk, my diet was all wrong. Even the way I was thinking was so negative.

This thing is life changing. Just download the instructions, read it and do it.

My results

So for me, like I say, the hair growth is great but it's the way I feel and the way I look overall that has been the biggest difference. My skin is so healthy. My hair grows so fast. My hair wasn't all that thin to begin with but was starting to thin out. Now my hair is better than its ever been. It's shiny. I'm pretty sure my hair hasn't been shiny like this since I was a kid!

There's something amazing about the process I've been through and I'm so so glad I did it.

To anyone out there who hasn't started yet. Get started. Stay with it. Read the instructions carefully. And follow them to the letter. Don't do it half assed. Just go for it.

Stuart Bridgeman, United Kingdom
Trust Pilot ReviewCentre
Lucy Cranston before and after Advanced Hair Research Method

My hair is silky soft, thick and looks amazing :) :) :) What a transformation

I'm amazed at the transformation my hair has gone through over the last 6 months. From being thin, dry and so horrible it made me cry at times, it's now beautiful, thick and so healthy. I feel so much better having this horroible weight lifted from my shoulders.

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I want to receommend the Advanced Hair Research hair growth method to any woman who is suffering from hair loss or unheralty dry hair. Making this changed to my life is worth more than anything to me. My hair hasn't been like this sincve I was a child! I'm so lucky and so glad I found this.

Thank you so much guys. It really has made all the difference to me. Looking at my before photo and seeing how horribly thin and dry my hair was makes me realize how brave I was to go out knowing people were looking at it. I'm so relieved and so happy that I've finally got my hair back! Thank you thank you thank you.

Lucy Cranston, UK
Trust Pilot ReviewCentre
David Stanley before and after hair loss

Around a month into starting the program I saw what I thought was impossible.

New hairs were sprouting in my receded hair line area. This is an area of my scalp that hadn’t seen any hair growth since I was a teenager.

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Around the same time I remember looking very closely at the spaces between the thick hairs at the center-front of my scalp and I suddenly noticed literally hundreds of new hairs that hadn’t been there before.

Over the following two months the hairs got thicker. The more hairs I saw the more motivated I was to use the techniques. I followed the program religiously. About a year later I am so ecstatic to say my hair is as thick now as it was when I was about 20!


From the bottom of my heart thank you.

David Stanley, UK
Trust Pilot ReviewCentre
Michael before and after hair loss

Just rubbing my hand through my hair I can feel 2 layers of hair, the normal hair, and a layer of short prickly stubble coming in. Feels like a beard is growing underneath my normal hair, I guess is the best way to describe it.

Michael, USA

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The Hormone Fix hair regrowth method has been in development since Summer 2007. That's nearly ten years of research and development. The world's most advanced and latest research findings from 2017 have been used in the most recent iteration of the method this year.

I'm so sure my method will work for you that I'm offering a no-questions asked 3 month 100% money back guarantee, backed-up by the Paypal terms of service.

Hair loss is a complex problem. During my decade of research I've talked to thousands of people suffering from every different cause of hair loss. I've covered all the causes in my method.

I've focused my attention on the most common causes and I've packed the start of the instructions with the most powerful solutions to eliminate the most common causes of hair loss, so you can see a difference as soon as possible. However, it's possible that your hair loss might be caused by a rare condition that isn't covered in my method. For that reason I provide a 100% money back guarantee.

I regrew my hair many years back (that's me pictured), using my vast accumulation of knowledge, research and testing. I turned what I did into a method anyone can use. I spent many years developing this method. Much of that time was spent testing treatments that just don't work. The Hormone Fix is a succinct set of the most powerful, proven hair regrowth methods, based on solid research conducted by reputable labs and universities. It uses only natural methods. It doesn't recommend the use of medications or specialist hair loss treatments. It's not some rip-off miracle cure. In the words of one member: "this is the real deal".

It takes two minutes per day to perform. All you need is a Dermaroller and a few cheap, natural ingredients, which are going to cause a massive increase in nutrient supply to your hair, all day and all night. Your hair will receive a huge supply of keratin building nutrients. We'll then use a Dermaroller and some powerful natural topical ingredients (based on groundbreaking research from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and the Division of Molecular Neurobiology at the University of Cincinnati) to cause dormant hair follicles in your scalp to reactivate.

Chris Carter BSc. Hons,
Author of The Hormone Fix
Hair Loss Expert and Researcher

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I suddenly noticed literally hundreds of new hairs that hadn’t been there before

David Stanley, UK 5 stars on Trust Pilot

It's like getting the equivalent of a major hair transplant, except no-one notices because the hair regrows gradually.

Simon Cotrell, UK 5 stars on Trust Pilot