MY STORY: How this method changed my life

I’m a 25 year old male with premature male pattern baldness. My hairline has receded and the hair on the top of my head had become very thin. A year ago I became depressed, even experienced social anxiety. I started to get insecure about my appearance, I became very shy, didn’t want to approach women. I started getting really self conscious about my hair. It seems kind of strange now but I was obsessed. My hair used to be real thick and real good. It kinda made me good looking.

My confidence had totally drained away and I realized that girls really do care about looks. Believe me. My mum told me don’t worry about your hair, girls don’t care about that. Believe me they do.

I decided I had to do something about it otherwise I’d end up in my late twenties, bald, single and lacking any confidence to change my life. At the time I was researching on the internet a lot about hair loss and I found Advanced Hair Research. I bought access and started following the method.

2 months later my hair started getting thicker. It wasn’t just a small amount either. It was getting much thicker. Within 6 months my hair was starting to look awesome. Now, a year later it looks better than it’s ever looked. And believe me it’s made such a difference. I’m a thousand times more confident now because every time I look in the mirror I feel good. Every time I get ready to go out I feel good. I feel good when I brush my hand through my hair.

I realised that all this adds up. Whereas before every time I looked in the mirror it made me depressed, now it’s the complete reverse. Imagine, you look in the mirror like 10 times a day. That’s 300 times a month, 3650 times a year. So all those times I was looking in the mirror and getting such a downer. It ruined my confidence. It ruined my life.

Now I have the total opposite. Every time I look in the mirror it boosts my confidence. It all adds up. I realize now how important this is. This is the real reason why girls like good looking guys. Not because they’re good looking. Because they’re so confident. Now that I’m so much more confident girls notice it.

I remember when I felt so down all the time. My life was crap. This method has turned my life around. In more ways than just my hair and my confidence. The hormone balancing makes you feel so much better. It’s like my life was completely messed up before cos my hormones were out of balance and they made me depressed, made my skin bad and made my hair thin. Now that I’ve fixed my hormonal balance everything has turned around.

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