Stress is Destroying Your Hair Because You Make This Massive Mistake Every Morning

How it works

Stress is a major cause of hair loss.
It’s much more important than you might realize. But once you know why stress causes hair loss, you’ll understand why it’s so easy to reverse.

Cortisol hormone: the key

Cortisol is a stress hormone. When you feel stressed, you have elevated cortisol levels. High cortisol causes an increase in a hormone called DHT. DHT is what causes 99% of hair loss.

Cortisol graph by time of day


The morning is when testosterone levels are highest. Morning is also a peak time for stress (think traffic jams, trains, rushing to get to work, etc). A lifetime of high testosterone combined with high cortisol results in the highest possible levels of hair killing DHT.

Testosterone by time of day

Just by being you, you’re killing your hair

Cortisol is in essence, a stress hormone. … When we have high levels of cortisol coursing through the body this leads to an increase in adrenaline, testosterone and in particular, a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone or DHT
Dr Seymour Weaver

A breakthrough, natural solution

The key to solving this problem is to bring stress levels down all through the night while you sleep. This method not only reduces cortisol, it also gives you the deepest possible regenerative sleep.


To achieve this we’ve developed a breakthrough audio track in conjunction with Play the audio quietly in the background while you sleep. It contains special frequencies designed to bring your cortisol down to super healthy levels. It promotes deep, regenerative, healing sleep. When you wake up you feel refreshed, clear-headed and relaxed.

As a result, when your testosterone levels peak, it doesn’t send your DHT levels out of control causing rapid hair loss.

Total body nutrient replenishment

Prolonged elevated stress causes nutrients such as B vitamins to drain from your body. B vitamins are essential for hair growth. They’re required to convert amino acids into hair keratin, which is what makes hair grow.

In step one of the Advanced Hair Research method I’ll show you how to make a special smoothie that replenishes your body with the perfect combination of nutrients that nourish your hair and skin and help balance your hormones.

Amino acids for hair growth

Intensely nourish your hair with powerful hair growth nutrients

It’s not enough to feed your body with all the nutrients it needs to grow hair. You’re going to learn a breakthrough technique, which sends a massive supply of nourishing hair growth nutrients to your scalp, where they go to work nourishing your hair.

All you have to do is drink a natural smoothie twice per day.

Reactivate dormant hair follicles

In the first few steps of the method I show you how to flood your scalp with hair growth nutrients, replenish your whole body with super healthy “beauty nutrients” and reduce hair destroying cortisol and DHT to super healthy levels. This gives you the best foundation to start the key step to the method. I’ll show you how to use a Dermaroller twice per week to cause all those powerful hair growth nutrients to flood to your scalp all through the night, intensely nourishing your hair.

I’ll show you how to make a powerful hair growth tonic that contains the key ingredients taken from my ten years of research into ingredients that have been shown to promote hair growth.

The action of mildly damaging your scalp with the Dermaroller at a micro levels (the damage is not visible and does not hurt) combined with the powerful ingredients in the hair growth tonic gradually re-balances the hormones in your scalp. It also heals micro-scarring caused by DHT. This is crucial to reactivating hair follicles.

DHT causes micro-scarring in the scalp. By reducing DHT and healing the scars using the Dermaroller we’re eliminating the barriers that prevent hair growth. At the same time we massively increase the nutrient supply to the reactivating hair follciles.

The result?

Over time your scalp gradually changes from one that causes hair loss to one that encourages hair growth. By changing your scalp environment so it’s like the scalp of someone with very healthy, thick hair, gradually your hair begins to reactivate.

This is a powerful method, based on highly credible research from several research facilities.