Thank you

Hi Chris,

I’d like to formerly thank you for taking the time to personally help my son who suffered from male pattern baldness at a very young age. He’s now 17 and looking forward to going off to college soon. His life has really turned around in the last 6 months. His confidence has bounced right back up from rock bottom. He’s back to his old self and I am over the moon to see it. You were much more of a help than you might realise. The guidance you gave him saw him through some tough times. It was really hard for him to have such advanced hair loss at his age and the difference now is amazing to see.

I knew all along he had underlying health problems but no doctor seemed to want to help. But you did. And your help has made all the difference.

I know he’s emailed you to say thank you already but I wanted to thank you myself. He’s turned his life around and I’m so happy.

Thank you

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