Young Hair Loss

I’m very young, only 19. I’ve suffered from horrific hair loss from a very young age (14 or 15), which has verged on ruining my whole life. I stopped going out as much, I always wore hats. I was always worried to be in well lit rooms or outside in the sun because people would see my horrible sniny scalp. I was amazingly shy around girls. I tried my best to stlye my hair forward and spiky to hide the thinness but what girl would want a 19 year old guy who looks like hes got cancer or something.

I went to three differnt doctors about it and they all said the same thing. They basically tell you there’s nothing you can do, except they say it with tonnes or complicated words. I was prescribed Propecia, which I took from ages 16-18, which is very young to use it but the doctor said in my case it’s worth a shot for a short while because I was so depressed. This really helped for about 6 months and probably saved my hair a bit but then it stopped working and I started noticing the side effects. Not only was I shy around girls, now I had no desire to be with a girl at all. It was like I wasn’t a man, I was just a thing. A pointless person, just existing. I became amazingly depressed, I had to take depression medication. Then one day I was reading Chris’ blog and I looked at my life and realized this one single stupid horrible thing was ruining my whole life. I couldn’t do anything I wantde to do. It was terrible. So I stopped taking Propecia and vowed never to take it again. I downloaded Chris’ method and I read it. After reading that my mind was changed. I felt a lot better because I knew I could do something about my life. I had the power to fix my problems. And it was all there for me, I just had to do it.

I wqas pretty determined to succeed after the terrible year I’d been through. I’ve had some major bad luck in my teens but I’ve got a lot of determoination when it comes down to it. I stayed committed to the method for a whole year. My hair started growing back about 6 months ago and from there onwards its got better every week. I didn’t bother to count hairs or anything like some guys did. I didn’t need to cos my hair was regrowing so quick. Now it’s nearly fully back to normal like when i was 13.

I’m a thousand times more confident now and I’ve even got a girlfriend. Its like I was postponing everything in my life and now I’ve sorted it I’m starting again and I’m so happy.

I’m just happy I finally fixed it. I wish I had found Chrises website when I was 14.

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