A breakthrough at-home hair re-growth method

Download the instructions and start regrowing your hair from home, tonight. Thousands of people from all around the world have used the method to regrow their hair.

What is the Advanced Hair Research Method?

It's a simple 4 step process, based on breakthrough hair growth science, especially designed to trigger rapid hair regrowth:

  1. Total body nutrient replenishment

    Hair is made of keratin, which is made of amino acids and sulphur. In order to grow, your hair needs specific vitamins and minerals like biotin and iron.

    Aging, dietery problems, medication, stress, hormonal changes and other factors can lead to mild nutrient deficiencies, which can effect hair growth. In this step you're going to eliminate any possibility of a nutrient deficiency causing hair loss and you're going to flood your scalp with a powerful combination of hair growth nutrients.

  2. Increase blood flow to your scalp, intensely feeding your hair

    The best possible way to feed your hair is by increasing blood supply to your scalp. This is how Minoxidil/Rogaine works. You're going to use a much more effective technique, which takes two minutes to perform, and massively increases blood flow to your scalp all through the night, flooding your hair with those powerful hair growth nutrients. This technique will cause all those powerful hair growth nutrients in your blood to flow to your scalp, feeding your hair and revitalising your scalp.

  3. The Scalp Reset

    DHT (the hormone that causes male pattern baldness) causes inflammation and fibrosis (micro-scarring) in the scalp. Once fibrosis has set in, hair follicles gradually shrink until eventually they no longer grow. It is impossible to regrow your hair unless you heal the fibrosis caused by DHT. You will probably have noticed that bald men have very shiny scalps. That is caused by fibrosis among other things. You must heal your scalp skin using a special technique if you ever want to regrow lost hair. That precisely what you're going to do in this step. Be very clear -- unless your heal fibrosis in your scalp, hair will never regrow.

  4. Reduce cortisol and DHT

    Cortisol is a stress hormone. In my opinion stress is a factor in almost all hair loss cases. Increased cortisol drains the body of 'beauty vitamins' (such as B vitamins), which are required in greater volume when the body experiences elevated stress levels. Increased cortisol also causes increased DHT, which causes hair loss.

    When you access the Advanced Hair Research Method, you're given access to several specially designed audio files. The audio uses special frequencies and 'binaural sounds' designed to reduce cortisol levels. This is key. By playing the audios quietly in the background or in your headphones you'll experience incredible relaxation and deep sleep (or use them during the day for remarkable focus).

    You'll also learn how to use several powerful, proven techniques that have been shown in studies to reduce cortisol levels.

Before and Afters

Alain Pamintuan before and after hair loss

I believe this is the true cure for hair loss…

If you want to regrow your hair you must get your scalp hormones back to how they were before you started going bald. It is the only way. I only wish I had found this system sooner. I would have cured my hair loss a long time ago.

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If you want to cure your hair loss you have to change the hormones in your scalp. You have to revert your scalp environment to be like it was when you were young. That is the genius of this system.

I recommend everyone follows this system. You will not regret it.

My hair is slowly coming back to me. I believe it will take many more months, or even years before my hair fully regrow but I know now this is the only way...

Chris I salut you. You are a true guru! Thank you my friend...

...Your system is worth more money than all the other treatments I have bought times a thousand.

Alain Pamintuan, London, United Kingdom
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Before and after hair loss

I'm 62. I had very thick hair all of my life. But when I get to my 50s it began to thin on the top. By the age of 60 it was very thin, almost bald on the top. I have sent a picture into Chris so you can see my before and after. What can I say? I am delighted. My hair is not fully regrown but I am very very happy. You have to see it to believe it! ... ... If you are thinking about giving it a go, I say go for it, you will not regret it.

Antonio Calandro Trust Pilot
Trust Pilot ReviewCentre
Michael Allen before and after hair loss

The advancedhairresearch.com method took my hair from a Norwood 3v to a Norwood 2a in 12 months. If that's not better than any hair loss clinic, then show me that clinic!

That's about as good as it gets.

I'll use this method for the rest of my life, without a doubt. It's so good for you. I feel a thousand times better. More energy. Less stress. Better sleep. There’s no way I'm ever gonna stop using this method.

All I can tell you is just buy it.

Thanks a million Chris. You deserve a place in the history books for coming up with this. Amazing.

Michael Allen, United States
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Stuart Bridgeman before and after hair loss

This is to anyone out there who's seen Chris' program and hasn't started it yet.

I was a student when I started the program. I had a bad diet, I drank, smoked slept poorly. I still drink. I've quite smoking, which I wanted to do anyway.

But here's what I learned from chris' program, that I don't think you'll find anywhere else. And this is why I'm recommending it to everyone. Not just people who want to regrow their hair. Everyone should find out about this stuff! now I get why so many members say it's life changing.

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OK so first of all, everything you're doing right now in your life (sleeping, eating, exercising, relaxing, showering... everything) - you're doing it wrong. I know that sounds weird.

This program is like a health Bible. I was doing everything wrong. Once you realise all the things you're doing wrong and you make a few little tweaks to the everyday habits in your life you realise your life can be a thousand times better. I seriously can't undersell this.

The way my hair grows, the way my nails grow, the appearance of my skin, the way I feel. The way I sleep. It's all changed.

When I look back to how I was as a student I only wish I could've given myself these instructions and said to myself READ THIS. DONT DO ANYTHING ELSE UNTIL YOU READ THIS.

It's like my hormones were out of walk, my diet was all wrong. Even the way I was thinking was so negative.

This thing is life changing. Just download the instructions, read it and do it.

My results

So for me, like I say, the hair growth is great but it's the way I feel and the way I look overall that has been the biggest difference. My skin is so healthy. My hair grows so fast. My hair wasn't all that thin to begin with but was starting to thin out. Now my hair is better than its ever been. It's shiny. I'm pretty sure my hair hasn't been shiny like this since I was a kid!

There's something amazing about the process I've been through and I'm so so glad I did it.

To anyone out there who hasn't started yet. Get started. Stay with it. Read the instructions carefully. And follow them to the letter. Don't do it half assed. Just go for it.

Stuart Bridgeman, United Kingdom
Trust Pilot ReviewCentre
David Stanley before and after hair loss

Around a month into starting the program I saw what I thought was impossible.

New hairs were sprouting in my receded hair line area. This is an area of my scalp that hadn’t seen any hair growth since I was a teenager.

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Around the same time I remember looking very closely at the spaces between the thick hairs at the center-front of my scalp and I suddenly noticed literally hundreds of new hairs that hadn’t been there before.

Over the following two months the hairs got thicker. The more hairs I saw the more motivated I was to use the techniques. I followed the program religiously. About a year later I am so ecstatic to say my hair is as thick now as it was when I was about 20!


From the bottom of my heart thank you.

David Stanley, UK
Trust Pilot ReviewCentre
Michael before and after hair loss

Just rubbing my hand through my hair I can feel 2 layers of hair, the normal hair, and a layer of short prickly stubble coming in. Feels like a beard is growing underneath my normal hair, I guess is the best way to describe it.

Michael, USA

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