The Advanced Hair Research Method has …

The Advanced Hair Research Method has surprised me more than I could’ve possibly imagined. I’ve been ‘studying’ hair loss for many years. I’ve been a prominent member of for 8 years (which gives you some indication of how long I’ve been trying to regrow my hair!)

In all those years I thought I’d seen every hair loss treatment and tried any that I deemed worth trying.

I’ve used Propecia, Rogaine, Lazer Therapy, supplements, retinol, Nizoral… you name it.

In all those years nothing I’ve tried has ever regrown my hair. I’ve always thought it must be possible, but never thought to try something like this.

There’s been some talk about using topical IGF-1 on HairLossTalk, but no-one has thought to use it in this way.

I started the course in June last year. The hair regrowth I’ve seen is phenomenal. It’s like nothing else I’ve seen over the years. Check out my before and afters on

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