It’s already starting to work

It definitely works. It’s only been 6 weeks but I can already see new hair growing all over the top of my head. I followed the method closely for the last 6 weeks and it’s already working extremely well. I’m on step 4 and I’ll start step 5 soon but I don’t think I’ll need to complete the rest. I’m only 25 so I was lucky enough to start the method before my hair loss got really bad. If you stop it early that’s your best chance if reversing hair loss.

My only feedback for improvement of the method instructions would be for them to sell the items you need in a package. That would be much better if you could buy everything at once and start straight away. Having to read it and then buy the items takes time. I think they should sell it all as a package.

Other than that I am over the moon with how it’s all worked out. Nothing is more effective.

TrustPilot Excellent

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