Definitely Worthwhile

Even if it didn’t have any effect on my hair I would definitely use this method. But here’s what I’m seeing so far:

Individual hairs have become slightly thicker overall. They don’t break as easily and they grow faster.

Using my magnifying mirror I can see my crown bald spot has decreased in size by about a half inch.

I’ve been using the method for around 6 months.

My receding hairline hasn’t changed as yet but the rest of my hair has improved a lot, especially my crown.

I like to think I’m a scientifically minded guy and that hair loss is a condition that must be solvable if you understand the root cause. Well Chris has got it spot on with this.

I didn’t know DHT is increased due to stress. Now when I think about people I know who have lost their hair it makes a lot of sense that they are the types of guys who either get angry a lot or stressed a lot or a combination. So it also makes a lot of sense that getting your cortisol levels down to the levels that super successful people have (eg Bill Gates, Richard Branson — note they both have full heads if hair in their 60s) and superstar rockstars like mick jagger, etc it makes a lot of sense that your DHT levels will decrease and the “beauty vitamins” like biotin will increase because they’re not used up in the adrenaline/cortisol processes.

This is a great method.

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