Female with Andogenic Alopecia. AMAZING Results so far

I woke up this morning had a shower looked in the mirror like I always do. Then I looked up close at my scalp and saw these new little blond hairs in between my dark hairs. I carried on looking and I realized my scalp was covered in them!!! I couldn’t believe it. One of them is already quite long and at least 15 of them are growing infront of my receded hairline, which means my receded hairline is growing back! I’m amazed at how effective the AHR method is. I’m so thank full.

I’ve wanted to regrow my hair for a long time but couldn’t justify the expence of a hair transplant. I was starting to seriously think about getting one But this is far better. I think there must be thousands of new hairs on my scalp. My old dark hairs are all still there but now there is a much thicker layer of smaller blond hairs. They’re not full grown like the darker hairs. They’re kind of transparent-blond and thin. But there are absolutely thousands of them. My hair used to be very thick, so I think once these hairs grow to full size it’ll will be very thick again.

This method is very powerful. I 100% recommend it.

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