My hair is almost back to its full original thickness.

I’m one of the original invitees to use the method way back when it was first released. Here’s what I’ve found:

1. It does take a little while to see any results but once it starts it’s miraculous
2. I know a lot of members have seen results within a month or two of starting but I think they may have been lucky. I followed the instructions pretty rigorously and I didn’t see much change until about 6 months in.
3. When it does start to work it works wonders

The first thing you start to see is hundreds if not thousands of tiny little hairs growing around your hair line. Once you see that, providing you continue following the instructions, it’s like getting a major hair transplant. My hair doubled in thickness over the following 3 months. It really is miraculous.

Before I started the method my hair was a state of affairs. If I waited any longer I would have had to do the dreaded shave.

Now the difference is amazing. My hair is almost back to its full original thickness.

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