Honestly didn’t think it would be this effective

I’m male, 32, been trying to regrow my hair for nearly 10 years with very limited success. Started the ahr method 6 months ago. Completely blown away by the results. I honestly didn’t think it would be this effective. My hair’s almost twice as thick now, close to how it was in my early twenties. It grows very fast. I can actually style it properly for the first time in years. I also feel 10 x better. The massive intake of nutrients every day makes you feel awesome. I feel healthier now than I’ve ever felt.

I’d recommend to anyone to do this. Even if you’re not losing your hair. The method improves the health of your whole body. By sorting out your hormones so they’re in the best balance everything else gets a thousand times better. Your hair, your skin, your energy, your sleep, your focus. Everything.

To anyone out there thinking about it. If you want to regrow your hair and get much more, do this method.

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