I cannot believe mow much my hair is regrowing

I cannot believe mow much my hair is regrowing. This method is extremely effective. I did not expect it to be as good as this I must admit. To describe what is happening, my hair is very thin on the top and normal thickness on the sides and the back.
I used to be able to see my scalp very clearly through the hairs because they were very sparse. Now there is like a new layer of hairs which are shorter than the other hairs.
I have my hair spiked up. Usually I would see my scalp, which used to be very greasy. My hair was so thin that I could see my entire scalp. Now, there are hairs all over my scalp where it used to be bald. My scalp is no longer greasy, its healthy looking. The new hairs are at least 4 times more numerous than the old hairs.
If you’re just starting out don’t get overwhelmed. At first I was quite negative about the method. I didn’t think it would work, but it does. You just have to keep going and be a be patient. It all makes sense and it’s all based on good research, it just takes a little time.

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