I Still Can’t Beleive it.

I used to have very thick awesome hair, it was like my trademark, or what made me good looking. I ate really badly, smoked, drank a lot and did quite a lot of drugs in my younger years and I thought that must have been the cause but then I quit all drugs, quit smoking, cut down my drinking to healthy amounts and starting eating a healthy diet. Still my hair loss was getting worse, even worse than before. So I was stuck, I didn’t know what to do.

I signed up for an invitation to get the Advanced Hair Research Method before it was released.. It was slow progress at first, in fact for the first 6 months I didn’t see a great deal of change. My hair loss stopped after only a few weeks of using the method but I didn’t see any new hair growth and I was worried that it was too late for me, but i kept on using the method anyway. It didn’t bother me because it only takes a few minutes and at the every least you feel like you’re doing something positive. I was reading all the posts in the forums and seeing loads of people who had regrown their hair and I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working for me.

Then a month ago I saw a post from someone who was using the scalp exfoliation twice a day instead of once and getting amazing results. It was a woman but the hair regrowth was crazy. So I decided to concentrate more on that. It takes like one minute per day so I was fine with it.

Then, guess what, just two weeks later i saw the same thing everyone else was talking about: new little hairs all in between my old hairs.

I think the trick is you have to try all the methods in the instructions because there might be one thing that’s blocking your hair growth that you need to remove. The one thing I missed was the one thing I needed to do.

The method is really good. It takes you through a very simple step-by-step process of eliminating anything that can prevent hair growth – DHT, scalp fibrosis, a nutrient deficiency, excessive sebum in the scalp, blocked scalp pores, stress, low co-enzyme A, and way more. Some people are lucky they can do the two main things, the IGF-1 and the smoothie and that’s all they need.

All I can say is don’t skip a step! Do them a;l until you see hair regrowth. And just keep on going. Don’t give up. I came so close to giving up and being a baldy for the rest of my life. I’m so damn glad I fixed it in the end. But I think I was lucky, or I was not wiling to give up. I think you have to be quite determined to use this method. But its worth it big time.

Good luck folks! Don’t give up. If it’s not working just email Chris, he’s pretty slow at getting back but he does eventually 😉 !!! Thanks Chris you’re the man.

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