It works.

This method is very very clever. I can’t see how anyone’s hair wouldn’t regrow if they follow these instructions. Basically it works by making your scalp hormones the same as they were when you were young. So you apply this mixture of ingredients to your scalp and you drink a smoothie and gradually over a number of weeks your scalp hormones change. This is basically the reason most people go bald – Because they have a build up of DHT hormone in their scalp and very low IGF1 and IGF1 is what basically makes your hair grow. So when you use this method after a while the hormone levels in your scalp start to go back to how they were when you were younger when your hair was growing thick.

I used the method for 6 months almost every day. I did it as much as I could cos I wanted to get my hair back as fast as possible. My hair is buzzed so any change was instantly visible. As soon as I started doing step 3 I was buzzing my hair TWICE AS OFTEN!!!

By about 5 months I stopped using the method cos my hair was just about as thick as I need it. I’ve been recommending Advanced Hair Research to everyone I know who’s losing their hair. I should get a referral fee!

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