It’s definitely working for me

It’s definitely working for me. I’m seeing the same thing as everyone else. Between my old hairs there are millions of thin blond hairs. It’s kinda like a carpet of hairs all in between the old hairs. The old hair on the top of my head is really thin. There is about 4 or 5 milimetres between each of the old hairs at the front. Now, in between each of the old large hairs there are around 50 to 100 new blond hairs within the space of 4-5mm. They haven’t been there for long. Maybe a few weeks. I hadn’t noticed that they are all throughout the spaces between the big hairs before yesterday.

I didn’t really notice them until yesterday and now they’re about 2cm long (about an inch). They’re very thin. But there must be thousands of them because I can see hundreds just in the first few cms of my scalp. My old hair is a lot thicker after about 3cm back from my hairline so it’s harder to see in between the old hairs.

I’ve been using the method daily for about 9 weeks now. I follow it very carefully and do the boar brushing 4 or 5 times a day. Sometimes even more. The most annoying part for me is the smoothies. Everything else is easy. The smoothies are a hassle for me but I’m not going to stop drinking them because I think every part of the method is important and I don’t want to risk messing anything up now that it’s working so well for me.

I don’t use any other hair loss products or treatments so I can confirm that this method does work.

I am male, 28 and have been losing my hair very gradually since I was 21 to give you some context.

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