The method works. Make sure you do it like this though…

You guys might know me from the forums. I’m Topper. I wanted to post a review here 1) to tell you all my success story and 2) to give any newbies some tips about what to concentrate your time on.

I had standard genetic male pattern hair loss with diffuse thinning on the top of my scalp. Some of it was caused by stress, but 80% was caused by androgen hormones.

So here’s how I’m doing:

– 3 months ago I saw the first reactivated hair folllicles
– Today I estimate I’ve reactivated 1500 follicles
– Based on progress so far I predict I’ll reactivate all remaining dormant hair follicles within 6 months

My hair is already much thicker and I think it will return to full thickness and health within 6 months.

Here’s how I did it

(throughout all of this I continued with step 1. Don’t stop step 1)

If you have genetic hair loss, use the isoflavones, cayenne and green tea every day. This is just a recommendation in the instructions but I think this is ESSENTIAL.

What most people don’t know is genetic hair loss is kick-started by stress (cortisol hormone) as you all will read in step 3. So more cortisol = more DHT.

Don’t skip the stress step. At first I skipped this step because I didn’t think it would have a great effect. There’s a reason Chris included this step. Bringing your cortisol hormone right down before going to sleep and when you wake up is absolutely key to this method. Testosterone + cortisol = DHT.

Testosterone is highest in the morning, so you need to get your cortisol down as low as possible before you go to sleep. Otherwise your DHT will be really high in the morning.

Using the mp3s before you go to sleep is also why you sleep so well (which is what a lot of you all members say). Sleep is when your cells regenerate and your cortisol hormone drops. That’s another reason deep sleep is important in the method. Use the binaural beats that you download in the members page. Don’t skip that whatever you do! You can use the silent subliminal version if you don’t want to hear it but I like the binaural version cos it relaxed my muscles. Having low cortisol before sleep is life changing. It makes everything in your life better.

I wanted to mention all this because as soon as I started step 3 I saw the reactivated hair follicles start to show.

If you have genetic hair loss or stress related hair loss reducing cortisol is one of the most important parts.

Good luck everyone. Stick with the instructions closely. And remember cortisol is more important than you might think. Even if you don’t think you’re that stressed.

It works. Just stay with it and you will regrow your hair.

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