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My experience of Advanced Hair Research was very pleasant. At first something went wrong with my order confirmation email (I didn’t receive it). But Chris emailed me within a few hours of making my order to tell me my Paypal email address was not working and my order confirmation email had bounced back, so he sent me a very nice email introducing me to the method personally!

I was in a fairly desperate situation with my hair. It was getting thinner and thinner every day and making me feel like an old man. I didn’t know whether there was something wrong with me, like if I had a medical condition I didn’t know about or something.

So I bought the Advanced Hair Research method with the hope that it would help fix whatever was wrong with me. My brothers are both older than me and they are not losing their hair particularly.

I was quite shocked at how sophisticated this method is. It’s really something. I think this is exactly what I needed. I was in a really bad state before I started the method. I looked unhealthy, I didn’t sleep particularly well and I felt stressed a lot.

Basically my hormones were out of balance. Too much of the wrong hormones (stress hormones and androgen hormones) and not enough of the good hormones that make you feel good, focused and energetic. This is exactly what I needed to get my hormonal balance and my mind back to healthy.

I had to post this review because this method really has changed my life. Not just a little bit but a lot. Not only is my hair now growing back but I also feel right. Before I always felt somehow wrong. Like I was slightly ill or tired or anxious. Now I feel amazing every day. I have amazing energy. I feel good in the morning. I feel positive. And I think these things are really important. If you fix the underlying problems in your body things like hair loss and skin problems heal themselves. That’s what seems to have happened to me.

When I get time I’ll post my before and after pictures to

It’s been an experience that I’m glad I went through. I’ve found out more about myself. I found out I can be anything I want to be if I have the confidence and I don’t let things get me down. You have to be positive, sleep well and feel healthy if you want to be healthy. I think hair loss is a symptom of bad health. And I’m glad my hair loss has completely stopped and that my hair is growing back but I’m even more glad that I’ve fixed my unbalanced body and I can live the way I know I was supposed to live.

I want to say thanks Chris. It really means a lot to me what you’ve done. More people should know about this stuff. I had no idea. I feel very lucky that I found your website.

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