This is the real deal

27 year old, male.

For me, genetics were the reason for my prematrure hair loss. My dad has been completely bald for my whole life. My older brothers started getting a receding hair line in there early twenties. So I just figured there was nothing I could do.

Then I got into a rock band, grew my hair long. Then it started receding. Then it started getting thin. Then I had to chop it cos it started looking bad.

I started Chrises method a couple years ago. What can I say? Its the best thing I ever did. Now I guess I can see how geneitcs aren’t exactly the cause of my hair loss but they just mean my hormones are pre programed to change. One of the results of that for me is going bald like my dad.

What the method is like to do

I was lazy as hell. I didnt do half the things in the method. To be honest I didnt even read the whole thing. I just read the first three steps. Thats all you need if you have male pattern baldness.

Anyway I posted my pitures to Chris so if you go to his website you can see why I’m giving this a 5 star review.

No doubt about it. My hair is regrowing. It takes a long time though. Dont expect instant results or anything. I saw one before and after on the website where the guys hair had regrown quite a lot in six weeks. But for me it was more like a year before I even noticed the difference. But looking back, the difference is crazy. I mean its crazy. My hair is like twice as thick. I dont know if I got lucky or what, but yeah, its pretty amazing.


Downsides for me were:

Its expensive. The program cost me 50 bucks. But what he doesnt tell you is you have to buy like $30 worth of stuff on top of that. And even more later in the method if you do that stuff to. Also its a lot to read. Like I said I didnt even read half of it.

One feedback Id give Chris is to cut out all the science stuff. Its all good if you wanna know about that stuff but honestly all I want is the instructions. He could probably cut the text down by half if he cut out all the explanations behind every little thing.

At first making the smoothies was annoying but I got into a regime with that and made 3 days worth so that wasnt so bad.

All in all I cant really complain. To be honest its changed my life. I would recommend it to anyone whos losing their hair. This thing is the real deal.

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