Truly Amazing. My hair hasn’t been this healthy for over ten years….

I’ve been using the Advanced Hair Research method over the last year to make my hair grow longer. I’m a woman in my early thirties. My hair wouldn’t grow past my shoulders due to damage caused by years of peroxide use and probably due to stress.

Chris sent me a copy of the instructions to trial for use in growing longer hair (I’m a blogger so I’m reviewing the method for my blog and I’m sending my pictures to Chris to post on his website).

The change has been nothing less than miraculous and I can’t wait to post my full review with pictures to my blog but I wanted to get this review posted first to let you guys know about this.

My hair used to be really long (when I was a teenager). It was also thicker, healthier and naturally beautifully shiny. During my twenties I got my roots done every month, or every other month at times for ten years. By my late twenties my hair would barely grow and it was incredibly unhealthy – frizzy, broken and in horrible condition.

I’m still getting my roots done. My hair grows so fast though now I have to get my roots done more often. This method has saved my hair. The difference it’s made has been extraordinary.

Please check out my before and after pictures on Chris’ site to see what I mean! This method has added an extra 5 inches of length to my hair! My hair hasn’t been this long for well over ten years. It’s truly unbelievable. My hair is also less damaged (less split ends) and it’s thickening up at the roots.

It’s amazing. I’d never thought of doing something like this to make my hair grow longer. Chris’ method is amazing. I whole-heartedly recommend it to you guys.

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