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I’m a man in my late 50s and I used the method for a year. I saw a cessation in my hair loss quite soon after beginning, probably just a week or so after starting. I didn’t see much else about my hair change until I finally got around to starting the Alternation Method with the Dermaroller. That I believe is the thing that separates this method from anything else I’ve tried. It works by using a Dermaroller device a few nights a week before you go to sleep. If you’ve never seen a Dermaroller, it’s a rolling pin covered in tiny needles. The needles pierce your scalp skin causing your scalp tiny micro injuries. Then you apply a mixture of ingredients that increase IGF-1 in your scalp. It takes about a minute or so to do that and I decided to do it every night even though it says to do it twice a week. While you’re sleeping your scalp heels the micro injuries and the increased IGF1 makes new hair grow.

About 2 weeks after I started the Alternation method I started seeing a whole bunch of new hairs popping up all over my scalp. And I’m not talking one or two, I mean thousands of little hairs. Then for a few months I thought I was doing something wrong because the little hairs didn’t grow much. Then I started on the isoflavones and cayenne and that seems to have kick started growth again. It’s now August (I started in November last year) and I have a whole new head of hair. It’s not as thick as it was when I was a young man by any means but it’s not bad at all. I’d like to thank you Chris for steering me in the right direction. If you hadn’t helped me out I wouldn’t have gotten such good results.

Chris I’m going to email you separately about this. I work in publishing. I have contacts at a few large publications. I’d like to help you get press coverage for your method. I think there is a lot of scepticism surrounding hair loss treatments and you’ve got something really special here. But you need help with your public relations. People need to see what this method can really do. And you need some authoritative coverage. People are always going to to be sceptical

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